Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP)

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We know that English opens professional doors, facilitates linkages with Texas, and helps bring access and opportunity to underserved groups. We are committed to meeting the increased demand for English around the world.
— Robin J. Lerner, President and CEO

TIEC’s Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) has taught 30,000 students and professionals from 131 countries since 1965.

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Texas University Pathway:

Through TIEC’s consortium of 31 public universities across the State of Texas, our Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) is uniquely positioned to help you on your pathway to success. The Texas University Pathway (TUP) is a comprehensive, accelerated, and individualized university-preparation program that includes intensive English study, supplemental learning, and support services.

Our proven program offers students TOEFL waivers and conditional acceptance to more than 20 colleges and universities across the state of Texas.

TUP’s intensive program offers seven week terms that includes:

  • 18 hours per week of intensive English learning

  • 8 hours per week of supplemental learning

  • 4 hours per week  of guided practicum

  • Online TOEFL Preparation

  • Opportunities for university credit in various disciplines

  • Guidance on navigating the university application process

  • Internship and volunteer opportunities

  • Student Support Services

  • Advisor guided student action plan

  • Four day instruction schedule

  • Medical Insurance included

  • Textbooks

The Texas University Pathway costs $5,000 per seven week term with a minimum registration of two seven week terms.

We also offer private tutoring for individuals or small groups beginning at $65 an hour.

For institutions, governments, and groups, we offer Study Abroad in Austin, University Study Tours, Online TOEFL Prep, English for Special Purposes, teacher training, and more.

Contact TIEP’s Angelique Pearson for more information.

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