Teacher & Professional Training Program Experience

I’ve learned a lot and I will rush back home and apply it in my class. I will share it with my school and my principal, but also with my students—who are the best part.
— Khoshee Mohammed, Teacher Training Participant

Hear about the outcomes from TIEC’s 2019 Pan-Regional Teacher Exchange.

TIEC conducts a variety of training programs for international professionals in education and business. These programs are custom-designed to meet the specialized needs of any audience.

TIEC also offers faculty development programs for university or secondary school faculty, which typically include customized workshops and short courses. Topics include preparation for teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), instructional methods, instructional materials development, testing and evaluation, and education technology.

Specialized Training for Executives, Managers and Practitioners

TIEC provides continuing and professional education programs for targeted audiences conducted both in Texas and at home institutions. Topics have included English skills for business purposes, introduction to American business culture, Entrepreneurship, soft skill development, and specific vocational skills development.


Program Examples:

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Training Institute for Korean Secondary School Teachers of English

Watch our 2019 KAEC program summary.

TIEC partners with the Korean-American Educational Commission (Fulbright) to bring Korean secondary school teachers to the United States for Intensive English training, and a cultural exchange with area schools.

This 7-week program has helped nearly 500 Korean secondary school teachers gain a deeper understanding of American culture and life, to experience American public education, particularly ESL methodologies and practices, to strengthen English curricula and improve the quality of teaching about the United States in secondary schools in Korea.

Besides just helping my teaching experience, this is also helping me become a better person by opening my mind to experience life and not judge people different from myself.
— Yoojin Kim, KAEC Teacher Training Participant

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