We offer an unparalleled ability to serve higher education, governmental, and professional needs:

The Texas International Education Consortium believes in the transformational power education can have to bridge gaps and make connections. Through our TIEC network, we bring together the experience and knowledge of Texas higher education directly to you.

With a proven track record of success since 1985, TIEC’s network of leading experts, academic rigor, standards-based approach and ingenuity is harnessed to develop new universities; help institutions gain accreditation; create new degree programs; review and upgrade curricula; establish productive partnerships and innovative research collaborations; and map, plan, and execute impactful educational solutions for governments and investors.


Types of services


Hire TIEC to assess, cultivate, and transform your projects using the best resources the state of Texas has to offer: its world-renowned public university systems. TIEC utilizes its vast network of 25,000 faculty and administrative professionals from 31 public universities to create a team of experts that are tailor-made to fit your needs. Your custom designed team of experts will meet and listen to your key stakeholders, conduct an on-the-ground visit, analyze your program; and provide you a comprehensive assessment report with detailed recommendations. Hiring TIEC will provide you with high quality solutions and continued connections. Often the consultants connect your institution to their institution to develop and engage mutually beneficial projects, programs and partnerships.

ESL Special Programming: 

TIEC's IEP division, the Texas Intensive English Program, is the most experienced Intensive English program in the state of Texas. With over 60 years instructing more than 30,000 students from 131 countries, training ESL teachers from all over the world, and providing customized curriculum, we are uniquely positioned to create an Intensive English training program that is specifically customized to fit your needs (e.g., English for academic purposes, teacher training, entrepreneurship, nursing, health science, technology, and business).

Match Making: 

Contract TIEC to connect you and a Texas university for a unique partnership. This can take the form of joint degrees, faculty-faculty cooperation, and joint research. TIEC provides you with five options of partners within our consortium for you to "meet" and pursue a partnership. Through a basic arrangement with TIEC, we will recommend possible partners and make introductions that you would then pursue on your own. Through this service, we will work with you all the way to the signed agreement with a Texas institution.

Study Touring: 

TIEC has a membership of 31 Texas universities that span the second most populous state in the United States, and the 10th largest economy in the world. Contract TIEC to set up a study tour for instructors/faculty to visit relevant TIEC programs across the state of Texas.

Build Your Future with TIEC:

Tell us what you need from TIEC and find out more about the types of programs we offer for universities, governments, English language learning and instruction, and more. Contact and fill out our brief survey to find out how we can help!

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