Business Development Internship Program (Fall)



The Business Development Intern works under the direct guidance of the TIEC Business Development Unit and provides administrative and research support for TIEC proposals and ongoing projects. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Helping the BDU identify and assess new business opportunities for TIEC (internationally and locally);

  • Conducting research on relevant partner organizations and subject matter experts we should recruit for TIEC projects and proposals;

  • Creating documents that outline expertise of Texas universities such as faculty and academic programs in particular fields to support projects and proposals;

  • Conducting research on market and government funding trends;

  • Preparing research and analysis (quantitative and qualitative);

  • Actively participating and providing a fresh perspective in brainstorming sessions and client meetings;

  • Assisting with ongoing projects with tasks such as printing, photocopying, proofreading, arranging transportation, working with vendors, etc.;

  • Preparing correspondence, reports, promotional materials, forms, memos, primers, pitch decks, and other deliverables;

  • Managing the TIEC front desk and greeting people who enter the building and need assistance. 

What experiences make you a good fit for this position:

  • You have taken courses in the following subject areas: business, economics, statistics, international relations, public affairs, government, communications, or marketing (required);

  • You have experience using Excel/Google Sheets (required);

  • You have experience conducting research and synthesizing ideas into a deliverable such as a memo, report, paper, or presentation (required);

  • You have experience writing proposals or applying for funding (preferred);

  • You have successfully led a team in completing a project or assignment (preferred); and

  • You have experience organizing events including preparing the budget, arranging logistics, working with vendors, and/or marketing the event (preferred).

About you:

  • You are passionate about advancing social equity through education and internationalization;

  • You are detail-oriented and your deliverables are accurate and complete;

  • You enjoy conducting research and analyzing information for insights;

  • You can handle a variety of tasks at the same time and communicate with your supervisor if an assignment doesn’t make sense;

  • You are comfortable with your priorities changing if given an urgent task; and

  • You learn quickly and work effectively with Microsoft Office (i.e. Word, Excel, Outlook), Google suite apps (i.e. Docs, Sheets, Slides), and Airtable.

To apply, email a resume with a list of relevant courses and a recent work sample such as a research paper, project report, or spreadsheet with financial/statistical analysis.

Full time internship (summer):

The intern will be expected to work 40 hours a week from June through August. Interns who work full time will be provided a monthly stipend of $1000 to help with living expenses.

Part time internship (summer or fall):

The intern will be expected to work 16-20 hours a week for 9-12 weeks. Interns who successfully complete their internship with TIEC will receive a $500 stipend award.