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A Texas Experience for International Undergraduates

TIEC Study Year in Texas is designed to meet the needs and interests of non-degree seeking international students by providing training that improves their English proficiency and intercultural competence and by facilitating their enrollment in regular, degree-level undergraduate courses at universities in Texas.

The program provides international students who desire short-term, non-degree study in the United States with the following:
• A comprehensive year-abroad experience
• Intensive preparation in English for Academic Purposes
• U.S. cultural orientation and immersion
• Opportunities for experiential learning and community involvement
• Option to participate in volunteer opportunities at nonprofit organizations
• Individual advising
• An authentic American-university experience including study with American classmates and full integration into the university.

Students participating in the TIEC Study Year in Texas Program benefit by:
• Attaining advanced proficiency in English
• Gaining understanding of other cultures
• Improving their ability to communicate cross-culturally
• Forming long-term friendships with students from around the world
• Developing skills to work effectively in the global marketplace
• Experiencing a level of personal growth and satisfaction that enriches their lives

International experience and intercultural competence are increasingly important in the workplace. Students in TIEC Study Year in Texas acquire unique and valuable skills that set them apart from other students in their home countries.

TIEC Study Year in Texas is offered by the Texas International Education Consortium in conjunction with the Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) and seven participating affiliated universities.

Participants receive an official transcript of their academic coursework and a TIEC Study Abroad Certificate in Advanced English and Intercultural Communication upon successful completion of their studies.

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For more information on TIEC Study Year in Texas, e-mail us at info@tiec.org

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TIEC Advantages

• Convenient streamlined package
• Choice of universities
• Full-time English study before university
• Lower TOEFL requirement for program
• Possible TOEFL waiver for university
• Lower GPA requirement
• Volunteer opportunities at TIEP
• Programmed extracurricular activities at TIEP
• Economical tuition and cost of living

Non-resident tuition and fees at Texas public universities are approximately 80% of the U.S. average for public institutions.