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Al-Hussein Bin Talal University Sponsored Students

Client: Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma'an, Jordan

Start: January 2001  End: June 2002

Funding Agency: Al-Hussein Bin Talal University

Project Description:
TIEC assisted students selected by Al-Hussein Bin Talal University to gain admission to graduate programs at accredited U.S. universities to seek masters and/or doctoral degrees as specified. TIEC services included assistance with immigration documents and university placement, toll-free telephone access in the U.S. to TIEC, accounts receivable service for registration and payment of fees, and on-going communication between the sponsor and the student.

Mu'tah University Affiliation Grant

Client: Mu'tah University

Start: 1989  End: 1993

Funding Agency: United States Information Agency (USIA)

Project Description:
Eleven administrators and faculty members from Mu'tah University visited thirteen universities in Texas where they conducted seminars, met with faculty and students, and collaborated in joint research. Eight administrators and faculty from Texas universities traveled to Mu'tah University during the duration of the project. TIEC processed a number of graduate applications to Texas universities where Mu'tah faculty completed advanced degrees.

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Design of Kuwait University's New University City at Shadadiya

Client: Page Southerland Page International

Start: November 2008  End: March 2010

Funding Agency: Kuwait University

Project Description:
TIEC served as an educational planning advisor to Page Southerland Page International and Kuwait University for design work for KU's New University City at Shadadiya. TIEC assisted the PSP design team by helping to identify educational policy issues which have design implications for three separate projects involving KU's Colleges of Law, Shari'a and Islamic Studies, and Social Science.


Strategic Planning Assistance

Client: University of Qatar

Start: 2002  End: 2003

Funding Agency: Office of the Emir, State of Qatar

Project Description: TIEC provided an overall program of assistance to the University of Qatar to develop a strategic plan. Under the leadership of the university president, a TIEC team of senior administrators worked with a university team to conduct strategic planning workshops, draft portions of the strategic plan, and design activities to implement the plan. 

Academic Bridge Program (ABP)

Client: Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development

Start: 2000  End: 2003

Funding Agency: Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development

Project Description:
TIEC was the sole contractor responsible for the complete design of all programmatic, organizational, and operational aspects of a new academic bridge program, in Doha, Qatar. ABP is a preparatory program for enhancing the English language skills, academic background and learning experience of high school graduates for future study at world-class universities, including the new university being developed by the Qatar Foundation. Eleven project teams comprised of 30 faculty and staff from Texas universities worked to develop the ABP academic program, management structure, assessment strategy, library and support services.

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Feasibility Study for a Private University, Doha

Client: Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development

Start: January 1997  End: July 1997

Funding Agency: Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development

Project Description:
TIEC prepared a feasibility study for a new, private university in Doha, Qatar, for 800 students. The study began with a market analysis based on demographic research, consultations with businesses and government, plus a survey of parents of prospective university students. The final report included the market analysis results, an academic program profile, estimated facility needs, projected financial requirements, and recommendations for further action. The recommended design also included a research institute affiliated with prominent U.S. universities.

Sponsored Student Program

Client: Qatar Petroleum

Start: 1986  End: 2005

Funding Agency: Qatar Petroleum

Project Description:
TIEC provided intensive English language training, preparation for university study in the U.S., academic advising, placement in a university program, and program monitoring services for employees of Qatar Petroleum who were sent to the U.S. to complete undergraduate degrees in designated fields. More than 195 students were supported by this program.

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Saudi Arabia

Strategic Planning Project

Client: Shaqra University

Start: November 2016  End: November 2016

Funding Agency: Shaqra University

Project Description:
TIEC provided expert consultants to deliver recommendations on best solutions for issues identified in the diagnosis phase of Shaqra University's Strategic Planning Project. The TIEC report presented observations and strategic suggestions on human resources, administrative process and procedure, educational methods, student admission and retention, community service and social development, technology and communications, organizational structures, and infrastructure.

Curriculum Review

Client: Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Al Khobar

Start: October 2011  End: June 2012

Funding Agency: Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

Project Description:
TIEC conducted a review of the academic plans and course syllabi that were originally delivered to Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University by TIEC experts in 2004. The syllabi were updated to assure that they continue to reflect the current standards of U.S. accrediting agencies and professional associations, taking into account best international practices in the respective academic disciplines and fields.

Strategic Planning for Majmaah University

Client: Arab Organization for Training and Development

Start: November 2010  End: January 2012

Funding Agency: Majmaah University

Project Description:
TIEC served as a consultant to the Arab Organization for Training and Development (AOTD) in providing expert guidance to Majmaah University for its development of a new strategic plan. The scope of work included a site visit to conduct a workshop with University leadership, faculty, and student stakeholder groups; a study of international best practices among similar institutions around the world; and a review of each phase of the strategic plan as it was completed.

Design of Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University

Client: Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Start: September 2003  End: June 2007

Funding Agency: Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Founding Committee

Project Description:
TIEC was the primary contractor responsible for the design of programmatic, organizational, and operational aspects of Prince Mohammad University (PMU), a new private university in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The design is based on the American model for academic programs and administrative organization. PMU emphasizes learning competencies and applications of information technology in all programs. These include degrees in business administration, engineering, information technology and interior design. PMU opened in September 2006.

Estimation of Facilities Requirements and Curriculum Outline for Girls College at Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah (MYAS)

Client: Zuhair Fayez Partnership, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Start: September 2003  End: February 2004

Funding Agency: Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Project Description:
As a subcontractor to Zuhair Fayez Partnership, TIEC developed the curriculum outline and corresponding academic space requirements for Yanbu Girls College, which will serve the post-secondary education needs of women in the MYAS area. A team of experts from TIEC-affiliated universities summarized the defining characteristics and enrollment profile for the College, outlined the academic curricula proposed by the client, and identified the facilities required and estimated space requirements for both general academic space and unique academic facilities.

Design of Dar Al Hekma College, Jeddah

Client: Sharikat Al Tafawuq Al Ilmi

Start: 1998  End: 1999

Funding Agency: Sharikat Al Tafawuq Al Ilmi

Project Description:
TIEC was the primary contractor responsible for the complete design of all programmatic, organizational, and operational aspects of a new private college for women in Jeddah. The design utilized the American model for academic programs and administrative organization. More than 20 project teams involved over 75 academics from Texas universities and elsewhere and an equal number of Saudi experts to develop the academic programs, administrative structure and procedures, information and communications technology systems, and library and support services. Academic programs included a college preparatory program, a general education core curriculum, and academic majors in interior design, business information systems, and special education. Initial policies and procedures were developed for admitting students, hiring faculty and staff, and planning and managing college operations. The College opened in September 1999.

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  United Arab Emirates

Development of the HCT Strategic Plan for 2007-2011

Client: Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates

Start: December 2006  End: June 2007

Funding Agency: Ministry of Education, U.A.E.

Project Description:
TIEC participated in a project directed by Strategic Initiatives, Inc. (Herndon, VA ) to conduct an environmental scan of postsecondary education in the United Arab Emirates, to advise the Higher Colleges of Technology Policy Council on strategic issues, and to prepare an HCT Strategic Plan for 2007-2011. The project focused on strategic issues that spanned across the multi-campus system and an integrated approach to managing those issues over a five-year period and beyond.

Management Review of the Abu Dhabi Educational Zone (ADEZ)

Client: The Office of H.H. The President, President's Court, Abu Dhabi

Start: December 2002  End: August 2003

Funding Agency: The President's Court, U.A.E.

Project Description:
TIEC provided two K-12 education experts to conduct a management review of the Abu Dhabi Education Zone (ADEZ), the management office for K-12 education for the Abu Dhabi Emirate of the U.A.E. The consultants visited ADEZ officials, school principals and teachers, parents and community leaders. The review report presented observations and recommendations on strategic action planning, management and monitoring practices, school performance review, professional development, and community relationships.

Private University Feasibility Study in Abu Dhabi

Client: PageSoutherlandPage, L.L.P.

Start: February 2002  End: May 2002

Funding Agency: Private Sources

Project Description:
TIEC participated in a feasibility study for a new private university in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as a subcontractor to the Houston office of the architectural firm PageSoutherlandPage, L.L.P. TIEC utilized experts from several TIEC affiliated universities to study the supply and demand for higher education in the United Arab Emirates, focusing specifically on Abu Dhabi. The study identified academic program needs and analyzed enrollment potential; then recommended degree programs, staffing levels, organizational structure, feasible financial parameters, and implementation strategies for developing the new university. 

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Design of Al Saleh University

Client: Yemen Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

Start: May 2009  End: May 2010

Funding Agency: Republic of Yemen

Project Description:
TIEC provided design and planning services for the establishment of Al Saleh University. This new private institution will incorporate innovative educational approaches and high academic standards to provide the next generation of Yemeni leaders and managers with the requisite cognitive skills, attitudes, and scientific and applied knowledge to deal with the challenges of economic globalization. TIEC services included a preliminary assessment of needs as well as detailed plans for the development of academic programs, governance and administrative systems, physical infrastructure, and financial management. In providing these services, experts from TIEC-affiliated universities worked closely with the new institution's founding committee, comprising prominent Yemeni academicians, government officials, and representatives of private industry, along with other key stakeholders in that country.

Reform of Yemen Higher Education Finance

Client: Yemen Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

Start: December 2005  End: December 2008

Funding Agency: World Bank

Project Description:
TIEC assisted the Government of Yemen in its efforts to promote the decentralization of financial planning and expenditure authority to public higher education institutions in that country. The project entailed a detailed review and assessment of regulations and practices relevant to financial planning, budget, accounting, and expenditure systems in the management of Yemen's universities. At a workshop conducted in December of 2006 in Sana'a, TIEC presented recommendations for improving higher education governance as well as examples of various budgetary, human resources, and financial control mechanisms that could support an increased level of spending authority on Yemeni campuses. Then, in June of 2008, TIEC conducted a training workshop on formula funding as a way to allocate the national funding that Yemen provides to its higher education institutions. Participants included Yemeni government and university officials representing various key stakeholder groups and institutions.

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