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Integrated High School Curriculum Design

Client: American University in Baku (AUB)

Start: September 1997  End: January 1998

Funding Source: American University in Baku and private sector

Project Description:
A TIEC team consisting of university education faculty and high school teachers developed an integrated, problem-based curriculum for a four-year, American-style secondary school in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The secondary school was affiliated with the American University in Baku, also designed and operated by TIEC.  The curriculum team developed the curriculum design principles and the four-year structure and courses for the first year (9th grade) in mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and technology.  Course designs included learning standards, course objectives, topic outlines, and textbooks.  TIEC also recruited high school teachers to initiate the curriculum in Baku.

Design of Early Childhood Learning Center, Baku

Client: American University in Baku (AUB)

Start: 1996  End: 2000

Funding Source: American University in Baku 

Project Description:
TIEC organized a team of early childhood learning specialists who designed an American-style Early Childhood Learning Center for children ages 3-5 for implementation in Baku, Azerbaijan. Following the success of this venture, TIEC also led a team of master elementary school teachers who designed a kindergarten and first grade program for the Learning Center. These efforts were the first steps in the overall plan to develop a school affiliated with the American University in Baku that was to offer high-quality, private K-12 education programs.

University Program Development, Operation & Management Assistance

Client: American University in Baku (AUB)

Start: 1996  End: 2000

Funding Source: American University in Baku and private sector

Project Description:
TIEC assisted with the establishment of a private, American-style university in Baku. The project focused on all academic functions including curriculum development in Business and Management, International Relations, and Computer Science; provision of key administrative leadership; recruitment and assignment of faculty; procurement of equipment, materials, and books; and general assistance with university management, fundraising, and international linkages. More than 30 TIEC academic faculty and administrators participated in this effort.

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Demand Study for a New University

Client: Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Start: March 2011  End: May 2011

Funding Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Project Description:
TIEC conducted a demand study relating to the potential development of a new higher education institution in Georgia offering American academic programs and degrees. The study considered university enrollment trends and workforce development needs throughout the greater Black Sea/Caspian Sea/Central Asia region.

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USIA E/C - Texas International Education Consortium Central/Eastern European English as a Foreign Language Educator Workshop

Client: USIA Office of Cultural Centers and Resources Academic Exchanges Division, European Board

Start: August 1993  End: March 1994

Funding Source: United States Information Agency

Project Description:
A delegation of highly qualified English as a Foreign Language (EFL) professionals from twelve Central and Eastern European nations and several of the Newly Independent States (NIS) in the region participated in an intensive, interactive workshop in Dresden and Berlin, Germany from October 4-12, 1993.  This workshop was conducted by the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC), in conjunction with the Technische Universitat Dresdin (TUD) and the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Institute for North American Studies of the Frele Universitat Berlin.  The workshop dealt with topics in EFL administration and instruction, as well as participant development of curricular modules, incorporating themes from contemporary American society.

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Management Capacity Development Program of the Higher Education Reform Project

Client: Ministry of Education

Start: January 2000  End: September 2000

Funding Source: World Bank Loan to the Republic of Hungary

Project Description:
A TIEC team served as advisors to the Management Capacity Development Program of the Higher Education Reform Project in Hungary. Funded by a World Bank loan to the Republic of Hungary, the project assisted in the integration of higher education, the implementation of reforms in the structure and management of higher education in Hungary, and development of local capacity in the field of higher education management training at Hungarian training institutions.

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American Studies Institute for Teachers of English from India

Client: Embassy of the United States, Public Affairs Section, New Delhi, India

Start: January 2010  End: 2010

Funding Source: U.S. Department of State, Public Affairs Section

Project Description:
This two-week Teacher Ambassador Program brought English teachers from India to Texas to promote a deeper understanding of the United States through cultural immersion and instruction and to enhance their knowledge of best practices in the instruction of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Goals of the program included strengthening teaching about American culture and society and improving the quality of English language teaching in India.

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  Russian Federation

1996 TESOL Russia Conference & Exposition, Moscow

Client: Moscow State University

Start: 1995  End: 1996

Funding Source: Conference & Event Fees

Project Description:
TIEC co-hosted with Moscow State University the 1996 TESOL Russia Conference and Exposition in Moscow in June titled, "Global Community: EFL in an Evolving World." TIEC participated in all conference activities including organization, program development, publicity, management, registration in the U.S., plus pre- and post-conference professional and cultural events. World-wide attendance exceeded 600 registrants.

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Sponsored Student Program

Client: Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK)

Start: 1993  End: 1995

Funding Agency: Government of Turkey

Project Description:
TIEC provided intensive English language training, university preparation and placement, academic advising, and student monitoring services for government scholarship recipients for graduate study in U.S. universities. Over 200 Turkish students were placed in U.S. universities in nine states.

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