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Secondary and Higher Education in the U.S.: Young African Leaders Project

Client: Phelps Stokes Fund

Start: May 1989  End: May 1989 

Funding Agency: United States Information Agency (USIA)

Funding Source: United States Information Agency (USIA)

Project Description:
TIEC hosted a group of teachers and administrators from Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, the Congo, Egypt, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zaire for one component of the Young African Leaders Project. Field experiences with American educators in Central Texas were provided so that participants could observe and discuss a variety of approaches to secondary, higher, and specialized education. Participants were divided into two groups: those who spoke English and those who spoke French. 

Participants in the French-speaking group met with officials from The University of Texas at Austin, Southwest Texas State University, the Texas Coordinating Board for Higher Education, as well as the Chair of the Texas State Legislature House Committee on Higher Education.

The English-speaking participants were sent to various locations in Texas according to their individual needs. The institutions that hosted these individuals were Sam Houston State University, Southwest Texas State University, Texas Southern University, The University of Texas at Austin, and West Texas A&M University.

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Assessment of the English Language Program at Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) and Assistance in the Establishment of a New MUST English Language Center  

Client: Misr University for Science and Technology, Cairo, Egypt

Start: December 2006  End: September 2007

Funding Agency: Misr University for Science and Technology

Project Description:
TIEC provided an expert in the instruction of English as a Second Language to conduct a review of the English Language Program at Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST). The consultant met with MUST administrators, teachers, and students and observed MUST classes. The review report presented observations and recommendations on the English Language Program's goals, curriculum design, instructional practices, assessment procedures and instruments, student achievement data, faculty qualifications and professional development, and management practices. Subsequently, two TIEC experts designed the curriculum, specified instructional materials and pedagogical methods, and set performance standards for all courses of study for a new English Language Center (ELC). A TIEC expert provided an on-site 3-day program orientation at MUST for administrators and instructors prior to the debut of the new ELC courses.

Partners for a Competitive Egypt (PfCE) 

Client: PaL-Tech, Inc.

Start: December 2002  End: July 2003

Funding Agency: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Funding Source: U.S. Agency for International Development ( USAID)

Project Description:
TIEC as a subcontractor with PaL-Tech, Inc., supported the Purpose (P4) component of the Partners for a Competitive Egypt (PfCE) Project, a cooperative effort between Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and USAID. P4 involved the coordination and development of information technology opportunities in Egyptian higher education and industry. One of the P4 components was the development of Nile Tech University (NTU), a new technological university that plans to offer distance and traditional classes initially at the graduate level. The NTU will be built in 6th of October City, near Cairo. TIEC provided short-term advisory services related to the establishment of NTU.

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Technical Assistance to Malawi Institute of Management

Client: Malawi Institute of Management (MIM)

Start: January 1997  End: December 1997

Funding Agency: Government of Malawi

Funding Source: World Bank Loan

Project Description:
TIEC provided two experts, one in Business Management and one in Training, Consulting, and Research Techniques, for the Second Institutional Development Project funded by a World Bank loan. The second expert was provided by a sub-contractor, the South East Consortium for International Development (SECID). Assistance included designing and developing management training courses and advising MIM staff on their consulting and research activities.

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Review of Central Administration

Client: University of Mauritius

Start: January 1997  End: September 1997

Funding Agency: Government of Mauritius, Ministry of Education

Funding Source: World Bank Loan, Higher and Technical Education Project

Project Description:
TIEC provided consulting services on strategic issues facing the University, alternative management models, and administrative operations. Current administrative processes were evaluated and options were suggested for changing and improving their effectiveness. Recommendations for change included the reorganization of Central Administration; the addition of several key support positions for planning, institutional research, information technology, research support, and continuing education; and the revision of position descriptions, management of policies and procedures, and decision making authority. An action plan with target dates was prepared.

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Design of Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane (AUI)

Client: Kingdom of Morocco

Start: 1992  End: 1994

Funding Agency: Kingdom of Morocco

Project Description:
TIEC was the sole contractor responsible for the complete design of all programmatic, organizational, and operational aspects of this new private, Moroccan university utilizing the American university model. More than 80 academics from Texas universities and elsewhere worked with approximately 150 Moroccan experts to develop the academic programs, design the information and communications technology systems, and establish the University’s administrative structure. Initial policies and procedures for admitting and counseling students, hiring faculty and staff, and managing all university operations were also developed. More than 20 project teams generated over 40 reports to support the inauguration of the University. The entire project was completed in 20 months.

Organizational Development & Staffing Assistance

Client: Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane (AUI)

Start: 1994  End: 1998

Funding Agency: Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane

Project Description:
TIEC provided assistance on a wide range of issues including the recruitment of faculty at the request of AUI, facilitating the selection of management information system providers, advising on the procedures and requirements for obtaining accreditation in the U.S., and consulting with AUI staff on management development of the University.

Collaborative MBA/MIS Program

Client: International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco (IIHEM)

Start: August 1994  End: Ongoing

Funding Sources: IIHEM/Student tuition and fees

Project Description:
TIEC facilitated the development and coordinates a program leading to the Master of Business Administration degree between five TIEC affiliated universities and IIHEM and a Management Information Systems degree with two of these universities. Almost half of the program is taught by IIHEM in Rabat, Morocco. The course syllabi are approved by the participating Texas universities, and the faculty, most of whom are trained in the U.S., are approved as adjunct faculty by the Texas universities. Students complete the remaining half of the program in Texas during two consecutive academic terms or two summer terms. The degree is awarded by one of the five participating Texas universities.

University Affiliation Grant - Economics

Client: United States Information Agency (USIA)

Start: 1995  End: 1999

Funding Agency: United States Information Agency (USIA)

Project Description:
Six TIEC affiliated universities partnered with the International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco (IIHEM) in Rabat, Morocco, for a three-year exchange program. A group of three economics faculty from Texas universities spent one month each year in Morocco, and a group of two Moroccan economics faculty spent one month each year visiting Texan universities to enhance their respective academic program and research interests.

Workshop Series on Reform Issues in Higher Education

Client: Ministry of Higher Education, Rabat, Morocco

Start: 1999  End: 2000

Funding Sources: United States Information Service (USIS) and Ministry of Higher Education, Morocco

Project Description:
TIEC organized a series of regional workshops at the request of USIS-Rabat dealing with key issues facing the reform of the higher education system in Morocco: finance, governance, management roles and responsibilities, institutional autonomy, and institutional accreditation. The workshops were attended by more than 100 rectors and deans from all of the public universities in Morocco and officials from the Ministry of Higher Education.

Summer Language & Culture Program

Client: Ribat Al Fath Association, Rabat, Morocco, and Texas International Education Consortium

Start: 1998  End: 2000

Funding Sources: Private fees

Project Description:
TIEC developed a learning experience in Austin, Texas, for Moroccan high school students to enrich their knowledge of American culture and improve their English language skills. The three-week program included English language instruction, cultural workshops, supervised computer sessions, and field trips and cultural activities. English language instruction was provided by the Texas Intensive English Program, a subsidiary of TIEC. Students were accompanied by chaperones and lived in a modern university dormitory near The University of Texas at Austin.

Into Africa: Morocco 2001 Study Program

Client: Ribat Al Fath Association, Rabat, Morocco, Federation of the Chambers of Moroccan Handicrafts, Rabat, Morocco, and Texas International Education Consortium

Start: 2000  End: 2000

Funding Sources: Private fees

Project Description:
TIEC planned and managed a study abroad opportunity for American university students to spend four weeks in Morocco studying architecture, interior design, art and design. The program of study was prepared in collaboration with The University of Texas Department of Interior Design that offered several courses for credit based on this program. Students held classes and studio sessions in state-of-the-art facilities of the Federation in Rabat. Students traveled to Berber villages and visited monuments, buildings and private homes in Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Fez, Meknes, and Marrakech. Students were accompanied by staff and faculty from TIEC and The University of Texas at Austin.

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American English Language Program, Dakar (AELP)

Client: United States Information Service (USIS)-Dakar

Start: 1995  End: 1998

Funding Source: Self supported by local revenues

Project Description:
TIEC provided full management and operation of the AELP in Dakar under a cooperative agreement with USIS. EFL training was conducted at beginning and advanced levels for a total of about 700 enrollees each term. Other related services in professional translation were offered to individuals and companies. This was a unique operation with the U.S. government, operated on a self-sustaining basis with no financial support from USIS.

University of Future Africa Feasibility Study

Client: Zakhem Engineering International

Start: January 2002  End: April 2002

Funding Sources: Office of the President Republic of Senegal

Project Description:
TIEC and the Houston office of the architectural firm PageSoutherlandPage, L.L.P. prepared a Feasibility Study for the University of Future Africa (UFA) at the request of Zakhem Engineering International, an international construction company contracted by the Republic of Senegal to build the University near Dakar, Senegal. The TIEC portion of the study addressed trained manpower needs, the academic programs to serve these needs, potential enrollment, staffing and financial feasibility for the initial development phase, and a plan for implementing the UFA.

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