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Phone: 512-477-9283

TIEC has an automated phone system. If you already know your party's extension number, you may dial it at any time during the recorded greeting. To leave a message in the "general delivery" voice mailbox, dial "1". To obtain a directory listing of TIEC employees, dial "0" (zero). Then dial the first 3 letters of the LAST name of the party you are calling, using the "1" key for the letters "Q" and "Z". If you do not know the correct spelling of your party's last name, dial "*" (the "star" key) for a complete directory listing and then follow the voice prompts to reach your party.


Robin Lerner (bio)
President & CEO
512-477-9283 ext. 114


Dr. Ryan Buck (bio)
Vice President
512-477-9283 ext. 115


Ken Kolinek
Director of Business Affairs
512-477-9283 ext. 200


Liz Holliday
Communications Director
512-477-9283 ext. 120


Cyan Green
Executive Associate
512-477-9283 ext. 118


Bruce Ramming
Accounting Supervisor
512-477-9283 ext. 200

Angelique Pearson
Outreach Coordinator
512-477-9283 ext. 137


Santiago Rosales
Business Development Unit
512-477-9283 ext. 138

Dr. John Schmidt
Acting Director
Texas Intensive English Program
512-477-9283 ext. 149


Carissa Saunders
Student Services Administrator
512-477-9283 ext. 102


For comments & suggestions, please email info@tiec.org


Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled

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